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On 2019-10-08 1:09 a.m., Peng Yu wrote:
Then, the option name causes misunderstand. -V is actually

Or simply "--version-sort" as it is now.

The natural order is
plain and simple, just as what is explained below, which can be
implemented by a few lines of python code.

At the risk of arguing over semantics,
I'll say again: there is no "one correct" natural order standard,
and therefore it is not "plain and simple" because there is no just "one" such order.

It can certainly be there there are some specific implementation
of 'natural sort' that are simple.


So my question is whether natural order as in the above URL is supported?


and note that even the above blog writes:
"... Don't let Ned's clever Python ten-liner fool you. Implementing a natural sort is more complex than it seems ... ".

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