On 10/10/2019 18:29, Сергей Кузнецов wrote:
> Hello, I find it strange that md5sum does not yet support recursive
> directory traversal. I moved part of the code from ls and added this
> functionality. How about adding this?

The same could be said for any filter.
It's better to leave the traversal to dedicated tools like find(1).

> I also added sha3 and md6 algorithms,
> they are in "gl/lib/".

Yes we're considering these, and they've been discussed on the list previously.

> By the way, I wrote two new small programs: xchg (or swap, which name is
> better?) And exst (exit status). The first program simply changes files,
> the number of which can be more than two.

Do you mean to replace file contents with a specified filter?
We were discussing such a `replace` program quite a while back now on the list.

> The second program launches the
> program indicated at startup and, after its completion, prints the output
> status or the caught signal.

Could a shell wrapper achieve the same?
Related to this, I find the following shell prompt very useful:

 \w$ "

This shows the exit status in the prompt like:

[0] ~$ true | sleep inf
^\Quit (core dumped)
[0 131] ~$

> I don't know how to commit my code in yours repo (is it even possible?), so
> I write this letter.

Generally patches are posted to this list.
Your first step of soliciting feedback first is the correct one.


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