The HES-SO Geneva invites applications for a position of Research Assistant in 
Data Sciences in the department of Information Science at the Geneva School of 
Business Administration (HEG). 

In a dynamic environment, directly connected to the business milieu, the 
successful candidate will be offered the opportunity to deepen his/her training 
in data science applied to the biomedical field, and demonstrate autonomy and 
initiative in a variety of academic and applied research activities. The 
position will be shared with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB Text 
Mining), in the context of the Swiss Personalized Health Network and the 
researcher will work on the execution of national and international data 
sciences projects related to personalized medicine under the supervision of 
Prof. Patrick Ruch. Additional activities include teaching in the field of data 
sciences (data mining, semantic web, information retrieval, semantic 
interoperability, statistics ...) and participation in national and 
international biomedical data sciences research projects, such as the 
Elixir/Excelerate research infrastructure. The position offers the opportunity 
to enrol in a PhD training program. 

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