Call for Papers

regICON-2016: Regional Symposium on Natural Language Processing
December 16, 2016, IIT (BHU), Varanasi, India

The Natural Language Processing Association of India (NLPAI) had taken an
initiative to promote NLP conferences or symposia focusing on regional
of India. One such symposium was held in December 2014, co-located with
ICON-2014 at Goa, focused on Dravidian languages (iDravidian) and another
version of iDravidian was co-located with ICON-2015. The first regional
symposium on NLP (regICON-2016) was held in Varanasi in March, 2015. The
idea is
to motivate NLP work on languages of various regions of India, including
which are not official languages (i.e., not ‘scheduled’), and to disseminate
such work to the larger community. Such a conference or symposium will allow
researchers with common interests to come together and share their results
have discussions. In continuation of that policy, it has been decided that
next regional symposium will be held in Varanasi and it will be focused on
languages of the eastern region of India, commonly known as Poorvanchal, as
as of some surrounding areas. The work featured at the symposium will
building NLP tools and systems and creating computationally useful
resources for
their respective languages. Some languages of interest are Bhojpuri, Magahi,
Maithili, Nepali, Kannuaji, Awadhi, Braj and Santhali, apart from other
languages such as Hindi/Urdu and Sanskrit.

The symposium (regICON: Regional ICON) will feature papers and
presentations on
recently completed and on-going projects conducted by researchers from
universities and institutions from around the country. It will also include
keynote talks by distinguished invited speakers and a panel discussion. We
participation of researchers from both computer science and linguistics

We invite submissions of papers on topics that include, but are not limited
the following:

- Basic core technologies: morphological analysis, disambiguation,
POS tagging, named entity detection, chunking, parsing, semantic role
sentiment analysis, etc.

- Linguistics: morphology, phonetics and phonology, syntax, semantics and

- Applications: machine translation, speech recognition, speech synthesis,
character recognition, pedagogy, assistive technologies, social media, etc.

- Resources: dictionaries, annotated data etc.

Papers are invited on original and unpublished work from ongoing
research on all aspects of Natural Language Processing and Linguistics
pertaining to languages of interest listed above. Submissions may include
in progress as well as finished work. Preference will be given to
having a clear focus on specific issues pertaining to languages of interest.
Submissions are preferably expected to be 6 pages long in ACL or LSA
format. The language of submission (the language in which the papers are
written) can be English or Hindi.

Important Dates:

    Paper submission deadline: October 27, 2016
    Paper acceptance notification: November 17, 2016
    Final version due: November 27, 2016
    Symposium date: December 16, 2016

Paper Submission:

Papers should be submitted on the EasyChair website at the following URL:

Since we will follow double blind reviewing, the papers should not contain
author identification (authors names, affiliations etc.).

Organizing Committee:

    Anil Kumar Singh
    Anil Thakur
    Sanjukta Ghosh
    Swasti Mishra

Programme Committee (Tentative):

    Rajeev Sangal (Chair)
    Dipti Misra Sharma
    Girish Nath Jha
    Niladri Sekhar Dash
    Subhash Chandra
    Sanghmitra Mohanty
    Kamal Choudhary
    Amitava Das
    Asif Ekbal
    Hima Bindu
    Anil Kumar Singh
    Anil Thakur
    Sanjukta Ghosh
    Swasti Mishra
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