We are proud to announce that version 2 of the guidelines for Universal 
Dependencies is now available at 

Universal Dependencies (UD) is a framework for cross-linguistically consistent 
treebank annotation that has so far been applied to over 50 languages. It was 
developed primarily to support multilingual natural language processing, but 
the resources have proven useful for a wide range of studies that were not 
foreseen originally, including research on language typology. Version 1 of the 
annotation guidelines was released in October 2014 and has been used for 5 
successive releases of treebanks (v1.0–1.4). After a period of intense 
collaborative discussions, we have now released a new version that tries to fix 
the problems encountered with v1 while maximizing backward compatibility in 
order to ease the transition to the new version for all existing treebanks. We 
are grateful to all the feedback we have received from the UD community in this 
process. The first release of treebanks under v2 of the guidelines is planned 
to coincide with the release of the training data for the CoNLL 2017 shared 
task on UD parsing in March 2017. More information to follow soon.

Joakim Nivre
Marie-Catherine de Marneffe
Filip Ginter
Yoav Goldberg
Jan Hajič
Christopher Manning
Ryan McDonald
Slav Petrov
Sampo Pyysalo
Sebastian Schuster
Natalia Silveira
Reut Tsarfaty
Francis Tyers
Daniel Zeman

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