Machine Learning, Research Officer
Information and Communications Technologies
National Research Council Canada
Fredericton - New Brunswick or Kitchener - Ontario or Moncton - New
Brunswick or Ottawa - Ontario or Waterloo - Ontario

Online Job Posting:

These are 2 continuing positions and 2 term positions for 3 years from the
date of reporting.
Assignments and secondments may be considered according to NRC's policies.
An eligibility list may be established for similar positions for a one year

Your challenge

Help bring research to life and drive your career forward with the National
Research Council of Canada (NRC), Canada’s premier research and technology

We are looking for four (4) vibrant and dynamic Research Officers to
support NRC’s Information and Communications Technologies (NRC-ICT). The
Research Officer would be someone who shares our core values of impact,
accountability, leadership, integrity and collaboration.

The primary responsibility of the researcher in this position is to support
the goals of NRC and the activities of the Information and Communications
Technologies (ICT) Portfolio in conducting research of international
calibre in machine learning, and the development and application of modern
machine learning methods to computer vision, natural language processing,
artificial intelligence, cyber-security, life sciences, engineering or
manufacturing. The researcher will work in a team environment with other
researchers and technical experts in world-class facilities. The researcher
will be called on to participate in international evaluations or
demonstrations of the team’s applied technologies.

Screening criteria
Applicants must demonstrate within the content of their application that
they meet the following screening criteria in order to be given further
consideration as candidates:

PhD Computer Sciences, Engineering or similar discipline.

Significant experience building statistical or machine learning systems to
perform computer vision, natural language processing, artificial
intelligence, cyber-security, life sciences, engineering or manufacturing.
 Significant experience and a proven track record of training statistical
or machine learning systems in a “big data” environment, such as on a
computer cluster.
Significant experience in a team working on the development of large-scale
Experience creating novel algorithms or capabilities in machine learning or
by using machine learning.
Experience in participating in international competitions or shared tasks
in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing,
artificial intelligence, cyber-security, life sciences, engineering or
manufacturing would be an asset.
Experience creating a strong publication record in top conferences and

Condition of employment
Reliability Status

Language requirements
English or French

Assessment criteria
Candidates will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

Technical competencies:
Knowledge of statistical and modern machine learning techniques, including
deep learning.
Advanced knowledge of the application of machine learning to at least one
of: computer vision, natural language processing, artificial intelligence,
cyber-security, life sciences, engineering or manufacturing.
Ability to publish high-quality machine-learning-based research papers in
at least one of the areas: machine learning algorithms, computer vision,
natural language processing, artificial intelligence, cyber-security, life
sciences, engineering or manufacturing.
Ability to iteratively improve system performance through systematic
empirical evaluation.
Knowledge of Linux/Unix, a language such as C++ or Java, and at least one
scripting language, such as Perl, Python, or Shell.
Knowledge of one or more frameworks for applying deep learning, such as
TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano, Torch, etc.
Knowledge of techniques for running advanced algorithms in a “big data”,
cluster environment, including knowledge of the use of GPUs.

Behavioural competencies:
Creative Thinking (Level 3)
Communication (Level 2)
Teamwork (Level 2)
Results Orientation (Level 2)
Initiative (Level 2)

Relocation assistance will be determined in accordance with NRC's

Salary range
These positions are classified as a Research Officer (RO), a group that is
unique to the NRC. The RO group uses a person-based classification system
instead of the more common duties-based classification system. Candidates
are remunerated based on their expertise, skill, outcomes and impacts of
their previous work experience. The salary scale for this group is vast,
from $49,670 to $140,418 per annum, which permits for employees of all
levels from new graduates to world renowned experts to be fairly
compensated for their contributions.

Closing date

Applications will be accepted until 23:59 Eastern Time


In order to ensure a prompt and efficient processing of applications,
candidates are encouraged to provide, along with their résumé, a detailed
covering letter explaining how they meet each of the requirements of this
position (education, experience, language requirements) by providing
concrete examples. In addition, the candidate is encouraged to describe in
detail when, where and how he/she gained the experience.
NRC employees enjoy a wide-range of benefits including comprehensive health
and dental plans, pension and insurance plans, vacation and other leave
Preference will be given to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of
Canada. Please include citizenship information in your application.
These positions are being advertised internally and externally
simultaneously; however, first consideration will be given to internal NRC
The incumbent must adhere to safe workplace practices at all times.
We thank all those who apply, however only those selected for further
consideration will be contacted.

To apply
All applications must be submitted on-line.  Please do not fax or email
your applications. By applying over the web, your application becomes
available to managers immediately. Applications must be received no later
than the closing date.

You should also be prepared to attach your résumé into the online
application form in one of the following formats:

Microsoft Word
Rich Text Format (RTF)
ASCII text

As an employer who values diversity in its workforce, we encourage
candidates to self-identify as members of the following designated groups:
women, visible minorities, aboriginal peoples and persons with
disabilities. Measures for accommodation are available to all candidates
retained for further assessment.

Please review instructions before applying online.

Apply now
To obtain a copy of the job description
Please direct your questions, with the hiring number (101-17-0322) to:

E-mail: hrquestionsrh_...@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Telephone: (613) 991-1123


Saif M. Mohammad
Senior Research Officer
National Research Council Canada
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