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From: Montserrat Nofre Maiz
Sent: Thursday, March 1, 2018 11:42:15 AM
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Subject: First Call for Participation: IberEval 2018

Please consider contributing and/or forwarding to appropriate colleagues and 

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First Call for Participation


Task: MultiStanceCat: MultiModal Stance Detection in tweets on Catalan #1Oct 

Webpage: http://www.autoritas.net/MultiStanceCat-IberEval2018

held in conjunction with the SEPLN 2018 International 
conference<http://www.sepln2018.com/>  at Hospital Universitario Virgen del 
Rocío, Sevilla (Spain), on September 18th, 2018.


The aim of the MultiStanceCat task is to detect the author's stance (in favor, 
against or neutral) with respect to the Catalan #1Oct Referendum (2017) in 
tweets written in Spanish and/or Catalan from a multimodal perspective. This is 
a multimodal task because both the text of the tweet and the information 
included in the link (when this information occurs) will be taken into account 
when determining the stance.

Stance detection is a task related to sentiment analysis, but unlike the 
latter, in which the systems detect the positive, negative or neutral polarity 
of the text, in stance detection the systems detect whether a text is favorable 
or unfavorable to a topic of discussion, which is usually controversial, and 
which may or may not be explicitly mentioned in the text. The stance detection 
task is also related to a textual inference task due to the fact that the 
position of the tweeter is often expressed implicitly, therefore, the stance 
has to be inferred in many cases. Stance detection is particularly interesting 
for studying political debates in which the topic is controversial. Therefore, 
for this task we have chosen to focus on a specific political issue: the 
Catalan #1Oct Referendum (2017).

In the training phase, participants will be provided with the TW-1OReferendum 
training corpus manually annotated with stance. The possible stance labels are: 
‘favor’, ‘against’ and ‘neutral’. Later, the unlabeled test data will be 
released. After the assessment, labels for the test data will also be released.

We cordially invite all researchers and practitioners from all fields to 
participate in this task: MultiStanceCat: MultiModal Stance Detection in tweets 
on Catalan #1Oct Referendum.

We also invite participants to subscribe to our Google group in order to be 
kept up to date with the latest news related to the task:


Important Dates

3 April 2018: Training corpus available

30 April 2018: Test corpus available

11 May 2018: Systems results

25 May 2018: Results notification

11 June 2018: Working papers submission

22 June 2018: Working papers revised (peer-reviewed)

29 June 2018: Final version of the revised Working papers (camera ready)

2 July 2018: Working papers and the Overview paper will be sent to the CEUR 

18 September 2018: Workshop IberEval 2018 - MultiStanceCat task

Task Coordinators

Mariona Taulé, M. Antònia Martí (Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Spain)

Francisco Rangel (Autoritas Consulting, Spain)

Paolo Rosso (Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), Spain)


E-mail: multistancetask2...@gmail.com<mailto:stancetask2...@gmail.com>

Track Web page: 

Montse Nofre
STeL, Servei de Tecnologia Lingüística
Tel. 934035694


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