Yes, it's time that of year again: winter is fading into spring, NLP final
call for papers abound, and people wax poetic for absolutely no reason at
all.  If you're into building educational applications with
state-of-the-art NLP techniques, then you absolutely have to submit the BEA13
workshop <> by next
Tuesday, *March 20*.

But don't take my word for it.  Check out these real-life testimonials:

"After looking at their website and softconf site
<>, you'll want to
submit multiple papers!"
- Milena Foster, researcher

"I haven't even finished reading this CFP and it's blowing my mind!  Don't
delay, act now and submit!"
- Steve Harwell, lead singer of Smashmouth

"I hear they have two shared tasks.  Not one.  Two.  Just take a moment and
think about that."
- Ross Israel, shared task connoisseur

"While I'm on the road, I like to dive in and read NLP proceedings.  The
Building Educational Applications workshop series has been a staple of mine
for 13 years.  It's not only one of the largest one-day workshops, but was
voted top 5 funniest NAACL workshops in 2017.  See you hip cats in New
- Rob Riggle, comedian

Relevant Links:
* BEA13 Website:
* Softconf:
* CWI Shared Task:
* SLAM Shared Task:
* SigEdu Website:
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