Dear colleague,

You may want to work with these corpora Arabic Speech Corpus
<> and Arabic Learner Corpus
<>. Both corpora are released in several
formats (spoken and written materials) and they are available for free.

Kind regards.

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 4:23 PM, abdullah almuhaya <>

> *Dear members*
> *I am working on a corpus-based study of classroom* *discourse. Part of
> my data is a corpus of English grammar lessons delivered by Arabic native
> speakers, who speak English and different dialects of Arabic while
> explaining the lessons. *
> *In order to generate a keyword list using Wordsmith for the Arabic
> classroom data, I need an Arabic SPOKEN reference corpus. I tried searching
> online for an Arabic spoken corpus but I could not find any results. There
> are plenty of written Arabic corpora but I hope to find an Arabic spoken
> corpus as it would provide more accurate results. Any suggestions.*
> *Abdullah Almuhaya PhD candidate, MIC, UL.  Regards*
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