Revue de l'Information Scientifique et Technique
Information Processing at the Digital Age
Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Data 

Call for papers

The extraordinary development of the internet and the explosion of textual data 
on the web have boosted the development of the  Natural Language Processing 
field and have especially led to the revival of corpus based NLP and 
linguistics. On the other hand, the new challenges encountered in ICT, the 
development of computing power and the availability of massive data have 
contributed to the advent of the new era of Artificial Intelligence in which 
deep learning algorithms provide us, on a daily basis, with impressive results 
whatever the task is.
This volume welcomes contributions that describe research work and realizations 
related to the way the development of AI and data science technologies impacts 
the development of NLP, and the place of NLP in modern AI, in general, and Data 
Science more specifically.
While a special emphasis will be put in this special issue on NLP and how its 
boundaries and challenges are being redefined, we accept contributions from 
other related fields such as image processing, computer vision, etc. Hence we 
invite papers related, but not limited, to the following topics:

- Deep learning for NLP
- Big data for NLP Applications
- Machine translation
- Word sense disambiguation
- Computational lexicography
- Social network analysis
- Sentiment and emotion detection/analysis
- Image captioning
- Dialects and similar language processing
- Educational applications
- Automatic resource building
- Text Summarisation
- Question-Answering Systems
- Tools and corpora for under-resourced languages.

Deadline for paper submission: 31/07/2018.
Papers  must be written in English and submitted via:

Editors of the special issue:
Hassina Aliane,       Research Center on Scientific and Technical Information 
Ahmed Guessoum,  Houari Boumedienne University for Science and Technology, 
Nadjia Belblidjia,    Saad Dahlab University, Algeria.


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