Job announcement: Researchers and systems developers to participate in Swedish national e-infrastructure development

Reminder: Application deadline 16th April

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Språkbanken Text at the University of Gothenburg is one of three divisions of the recently established Swedish national research infrastructure Språkbanken (the Swedish Language Bank), with funding for the period 2018–2024. The infrastructure supports research in language technology, (Swedish) linguistics, and digital humanities and social sciences to the extent that this research is based on language data.

We are now looking for researchers (infrastructure experts) and systems developers with a language technology specialization, who will participate in developing, maintaining and operating this infrastructure.

Please see the job announcements and instructions at

<> (researchers/experts)

<> (systems developers)

The deadline for applications is 16th April, and the starting date is 1st September (or by agreement).

For more information, contact Lars Borin or Markus Forsberg <>.

Lars Borin
Professor of Natural language processing
Institutionen för svenska språket
Göteborgs universitet
Box 200
SE-405 30 Göteborg

office +46 (0)31 786 4544
mobile +46 (0)70 747 8386


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