Call for Participation: Training data available

Task: Automatic Misogyny Identification (AMI)

Webpage: https://amiibereval2018.wordpress.com

18 September 2018, Seville, Spain


The AMI shared task at IberEval 2018 proposes the automatic identification of misogynous content both in English and in Spanish languages in Twitter. Misogyny, defined as the hate or prejudice against women, can be linguistically manifested in numerous ways, including social exclusion, discrimination, hostility, threats of violence and sexual objectification. While misogyny has been historically analysed from a psychological and sociological points of view, its study from a computational perspective still needs to be explored from a machine learning and computational linguistics perspective.

The AMI shared task is organized according to two main sub-tasks:

*Subtask A: Misogyny Identification: discrimination of misogynist contents from the non-misogynist ones;

*Subtask B: Misogynistic Behaviour and Target Classification recognition of the targets that can be either specific users or groups of women together with the identification of the type of misogyny against women.

In the training phase, the participants will be provided with the *AMI* training corpus manually annotated. Later, the unlabelled test data will be released. After the assessment, the labels for the test data will also be released.

We cordially invite all researchers and practitioners from all fields to participate in this task. Although we suggest to participate in both languages, it is possible to take part only in English or Spanish. We also invite the participants to subscribe to our Google group amiibereval2...@googlegroups.com in order to be kept up to date with the latest news related to the task.

Important Dates

10 April 2018: Release of training data (training period starts)

24 April 2018: Release of test data

10 May 2018: Systems results provided to the organizers

15 May 2018: Results notification to participants

31 May 2018: Working papers submission

15 June 2018: Working papers reviewed (peer-reviewed)

30 June 2018: Camera ready

18 September 2018: IberEval-2018 Workshop

Track Coordinators

Maria Anzovino, University of Milano-Bicocca

Elisabetta Fersini, University of Milano-Bicocca

Paolo Rosso, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia


E-mail: amiibereval2...@googlegroups.com

Track Web page: https://amiibereval2018.wordpress.com

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