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We are happy to invite candidates to apply to the 1st UPTec School on the 
Future of Computing, to be held in Porto, Portugal, 
( <>) from June 
25th to June 29th 2018 and sponsored by the Science and Technology Park of the 
University of Porto: <> 

The goal of this 1st Summer School is to gather a panel of world experts to 
discuss how the computers of the future will be. During the School we will 
provide participants with knowledge for understanding the trends, the 
technologies and the challenges that computation will face in the next 5 to 50 
years. The school will host several technical seminars and talks on specific 
technologies that will shape the future of computation. 

Additionally, we hope to be foster an environment that combines technical 
accuracy and realistic speculation to inspire participants to imagine the 
future of computation. As such, we will also host a hackathon session in which 
participants can propose ideas of projects to be presented to a panel of 

The seminars and talks will be accessible with people with minimum technical 
background. No Computer Science background is required.

The intended audience includes everyone who:

* Invents the future of computation: PhD and MsC students, Researchers in 
Academia and Industry from *several* fields including Computer Science, 
Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc;

* Is reflecting on the future of society: PhD and MsC students, Researchers in 
Academia from socio-economic sciences including Economics, Sociology, 
Anthropology, Philosophy, History, etc;

* Creates markets for future computation platforms: entrepreneurs, cloud 
providers, software companies;

* Funds the creation of the Future: venture capital, research funding agencies;

* Regulates practical aspects of the Future governmental agencies, policy 

We are bringing together an exciting set of speakers from several areas 
including the history of computers, quantum computing, biological computing, 
chemical computing, analog computing, brain-inspired computing. Here is the 
list of (confirmed speakers):

* Alexandre Zagoskin, Loughborough University
* Arlindo Oliveira, Technical University of Lisbon
* Carmen G. Almudever, TU Delft
* Giacomo Indivery, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich
* Heitor Alvelos, Univesity of Porto
* Jerzy Gorecki, Institute of Physical Chemistry PAN
* Karlheinz Meier, Universität Heidelberg
* Koen Bertels, TU Delft
* Luca Cardeli, Microsoft Research
* Paul Ceruzzi, Smithsonian Institution
* Peter Dittrich, University Jena Institute of Computer Science
* Sadaf R. Alam, Swiss National Supercomputing Center

More to be announced soon. Check out: 

March 15th – April 29th Application
April 30th – May 13th Candidate selection
May 14th – May 20th Early Registration of selected candidates
May 21st – 28th Late Registration (no more registrations will be accepted)
June 25th UPTEC School on the Future of Computing begins!!!

(Does not include travel, accommodation, and meal expenses):

 * Early Registration: 260 Euros +VAT
 * Late Registration: 360 Euros +VAT

We will not provide accommodation but there are multiple options in the 
vicinity of the venue, in downtown Porto ( 

For more information: <> / <> 

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