We are pleased to present the first beta of the new major version of LIMA, the 
LIbre Multilingual Analyzer, with state of the art performance and now fully 
multilingual with more than 60 language models available.

It was possible thanks to the Universal Dependencies [1] initiative offering 
training corpora for numerous languages and to new deep learning-based neural 

The LIMA features (configurability, pipelines…) making it very versatile and 
quick to adapt to new domains remain available with this version. In 
particular, the powerful Modex (Extraction Modules) feature can still be used 
in the same way.

Note that this is a beta version. Please note that there is some known 
problems (See release notes [2]).

Note also that LIMA 3.0 beta is available for Ubuntu 18.04 only. To test it, 
please refer to [2]

[1] https://universaldependencies.org/
[2] https://github.com/aymara/lima/wiki/DeepLima-beta

Gael de Chalendar
Laboratoire d'Analyse Sémantique Texte et Image
(Text and Image Semantic Analysis Laboratory)
CEA Saclay Nano-INNOV
BAT 861 PC 184
F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex
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Email : gael.d.o.t.de-chalenda...@t.cea.d.o.t.fr

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