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Second Call for Contributions
International Workshop on Language Acquisition in Copenhagen
24th -25th June, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

A workshop on language acquisition in Copenhagen is jointly organized by the 
Center for Language Technology (University of Copenhagen), Childhood 
Bilingualism Research Centre (Chinese University of Hong Kong, CUHK) and 
University of Cambridge-CUHK Joint Laboratory for Bilingualism. The workshop 
aims to provide an international platform for researchers to exchange recent 
findings and discuss current and future research directions for language 
acquisition across diverse contexts. We especially encourage contributions on 
the special theme “multimodality and child language acquisition”, but other 
topics related to language acquisition are welcome too. Studies on multimodal 
language processing are new in the field of language acquisition, and even 
rarer for bilingual language acquisition. The workshop will include an open 
discussion session on the importance of gestures in (early) bilingual language 
acquisition. Increasingly, studies have shown that lexical, syntactic and 
gestural development are closely linked, and development of gestures is a 
prerequisite for language development. Incorporating multimodality in the study 
of bilingual language acquisition can provide new insights that can result in 
new methodologies and perspectives which bring advances to the field. 
Implications for language acquisition and strategies for teaching a second 
language will also be explored. The workshop is organized under the Network 
“Multimodal Child Language Acquisition” supported by the Independent Research 
Fund Denmark from the Danish Government. Conference website: 

We welcome contributions addressing any of the following topics in bilingualism 
and multimodal communication:

Ø  Bilingual language acquisition in children

Ø  Bi-/trilingual child language corpora

Ø  Second language acquisition

Ø  Crosslinguistic influence/Transfer in bilingual/second language acquisition

Ø  Code-mixing and code-switching phenomena, and their effect on language 
acquisition and social impact

Ø  Child language development

Ø  Early development of gestures

Ø  Gestures and language development

Ø  Gestures and foreign language learning

Ø  Data collection, annotation and/or processing of (multimodal) corpora for 
language acquisition

Ø  Crowdsourcing for language acquisition

Ø  Natural Language Processing for language acquisition

Ø  Other related topics

Extended abstracts consisting of 2 pages, excluding references. Author(s) can 
choose to have an oral or poster presentation. All submissions must be written 
in English and submitted as PDF files to 
costa...@hum.ku.dk<mailto:costa...@hum.ku.dk> or 
*Important dates*
Submission Deadline: 3rd April 2020 23:59 CET 16th April 2020 23:59 CET
Notification of acceptance: 25th April
(Camera-ready version:    21st May)
Workshop Date: 24th and 25th June 2020

Keynote Speakers
Prof. Anna Esposito – Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
Prof. Marianne Gullberg – Lund University
Prof. Stephen Matthews – University of Hong Kong
Prof. Virginia Yip – Chinese University of Hong Kong

Organizing Committee
Costanza Navarretta – University of Copenhagen
Patrizia Paggio – University of Copenhagen
Alice Ping Ping Tse – University of Copenhagen
Virginia Yip – Chinese University of Hong Kong
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