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* Position: Front End Developer Location: San Francisco, CA Duration: 12+
Month Contract   Responsibilities We are searching for candidates with 3-5
years’ experience in web application development. Prefer individuals that
understand node.js backends to facilitate conversations. Strong javascript,
will only consider React experienced resources. 1-2 years React is fine,
overall 3-5 years can be in any other web development framework. Primary
Skills: Javascript, React/Redux, Node.js, HTML/CSS. We will screen
candidates for javascript proficiency and knowledge of React / Redux
frameworks and speed of execution on these technologies. • Be proficient in
Javascript • Have experience developing web application user interfaces
with React / Redux • Have experience with node.js to be able to build the
supporting backend • Have experience with HTML / CSS to be able to build
application interfaces (in some cases with data visualizations) • Have at
least 3-5 years’ experience with web application development. Myscheduling
Skills: • Javascript • React • Node.js • HTML• Cascade Style Sheets Best
Regards, Ashutosh Awasthi Pyramid Consulting, Inc. Executive Resourcing
------------------------------ O: 770.255.
<770.255.>7720  E: ashutosh.awas...@pyramidci.com
<ashutosh.awas...@pyramidci.com>  Web: www.pyramidci.com
<http://www.pyramidci.com/> *

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