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Thank you for addressing my earlier comments. I have one small issue that
resulted in a recent change:

This is a well written document, despite its length. Thank you for that.

Some specific comments:

content type:  This parameter is used to indicate the content type of
      the data in the payload or cipher text fields.  Integers are from
      the "CoAP Content-Formats" IANA registry table [COAP.Formats].
      Text values following the syntax of Content-Type defined in
      Section 4.2 of [RFC6838] omitting the prefix string "Content-

This is not quite right, as Section 4.2 of [RFC6838] doesn't define
Content-Type header field. It defines:

     type-name = restricted-name
     subtype-name = restricted-name

     restricted-name = restricted-name-first *126restricted-name-chars
     restricted-name-first  = ALPHA / DIGIT
     restricted-name-chars  = ALPHA / DIGIT / "!" / "#" /
                              "$" / "&" / "-" / "^" / "_"
     restricted-name-chars =/ "." ; Characters before first dot always
                                  ; specify a facet name
     restricted-name-chars =/ "+" ; Characters after last plus always
                                  ; specify a structured syntax suffix

So you should say something like this instead:

      Text values following the syntax "<type-name>/<subtype-name>",
      where <type-name> and <subtype-name> are defined in
      Section 4.2 of [RFC6838].

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