So sad to hear of another long-time list member who is no more. 

Mary was a very thoughtful, kind, and giving person; who did volunteer 
transcribing for Teena’s projects many years ago; 
and would also send her appreciation from time to time, for the volunteer 
transcribing work of other listers. 
We need more members like her. 

She had not posted to the list for the past 5 or 6 years.

I do hope that her end was peaceful.

Thank you Mary for your long support of the list and its work.

Hoping also that someone within her family will value her own genealogical 
searches, especially those in County Tyrone Ireland for her GLASGOW family; and 
might hopefully feel inspired to continue them.

Kind regards.
ray in oz

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I’m sad to say that Mary Gouger has passed away.  Please remove her from your 

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