Hello Steve,

Firstly, Cappagh Parish Church is not to be found in Belfast, but in Cappagh 
parish which lies between Newtownstewart and Omagh, Co. Tyrone. The registers 
have been copied by the staff of PRONI (Public Record Office of Northern 
Ireland), Belfast; clergy are busy people and have little time to make 
appointments with family researchers, hence the availability of the records in 
a central and safe location in Belfast.

You did not indicate the religious persuasion of your Tyrone-born forebear. 
Knowledge of religious affiliation is essential when researching family in 
Ireland. I guess the Arthurs were either Presbyterians or members of the 
Established (Anglican) Church?

Before responding to your post I referred to my friend William Roulston’s 
Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors: The Essential Guide to Early Modern Ulster 
1600-1800 (Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast). William is research director 
of the Ulster Historical Foundation, an international lecturer and serves on 
many boards and committees including the Presbyterian Historical Society, 
Belfast. There is no one better and more knowledgeable when it comes to 
genealogical research in the North of Ireland. This seminal work quotes 
surviving pre 1800 records across the province of Ulster by parish:

Estate Papers (rentals and leases): Derry (bishopric of) Estate (rentals from 
the seventeenth century archived in PRONI, Belfast); Huntingdon Estate (rent 
rolls commencing 1633 and archived in the Huntingdon Library, San Marino, 
California), Blessington Estate has been transcribed – see my file 
http://www.cotyroneireland.com/estates/blessington.html but no Arthurs are 
recorded as tenants.
Church records; Cappagh Church of Ireland (previously quoted)
Census substitutes; Hearth Money Roll (1660s) (archived in PRONI, Belfast)
Derry Excommunications (1667); Presbyterians excommunicated from the 
Established (Anglican) Church by the Bishop of Derry (PRONI, Belfast)
Flaxgrowers Lists 1796 (previously quoted)
Names of Masters of Families, 1699 – PRONI, T/542 (have referred to these 
records, but no Arthurs recorded)

I wouldn’t look further than Cappagh for your forebears as you have indicated 
their native parish, although there are Arthurs recorded in both Ardstraw and 
Drumragh parishes which share boundaries with Cappagh, perhaps indicating a 
common heritage.

Unless the pre1800 Cappagh Parish Church registers have been copied and 
uploaded, I would not be paying for a subscription for any website. Perhaps a 
kind researcher with a Roots Ireland subscription could confirm that is the 
case and perhaps undertake a quick search for you.

It is not possible to offer anything further as I believe this post contains a 
full listing of pre1800 records for Cappagh. Nothing further than previously 
advised is available online.

Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

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Len, thank you so much for your reply, it is much appreciated. I had a feeling 
what you say is the case with this parish and the records available.

The info you provide below is helpful, thanks. And you sound pretty confident 
that this is everything you can expect to get digitally, on-line etc? so that 
the only other way is to visit the church in Belfast? If there was a way for me 
to do this remotely, for a fee, I may be at a point where I'd be willing to try 
Thanks again for your note and guidance. Steve

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Hello Steve,

It is difficult to locate pre1800 records in Ireland – in general, many do not 
exist. This is the case for Cappagh parish, Co. Tyrone.

Flaxgrowers List (Spinning Wheel Premiums) 1796 




ARTHUR Matthew

The only surviving early church records are those for Cappagh Parish Church:

CAPPAGH PARISH CHURCH (Church of Ireland) Registers: transcripts held in PRONI, 

BAPTISMS 1753-1871, MARRIAGES 1752-1850, BURIALS 1758-1809 & 1834-92, VESTRY 
MINUTES 1755-1851 with list of applotters 1805-17 and 1839-50 and Poor Lists 

PRONI Ref.: T.679/289, 303-305, 333-334, 338 & MIC/583/1,27, 30. These records 
are available for consultation in Belfast.

MOUNTJOY PRESBYTERIAN baptismal and marriage registers do not commence until 

There are no Arthur headstones in either Cappagh parish graveyard or in the 
graveyard attached to Mountjoy Presbyterian Church

CAPPAGH TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOK (1827) records a number of tithepayers with the 
family name of ARTHUR: http://www.cotyroneireland.com/tithe/cappagh.html
Official Website of the County Tyrone Ireland Genealogy 
Official County Tyrone Ireland Mail List Website. Family and ancestry research 

ARTHUR Christopher, Eskeydowey

ARTHUR David, Gortanigan

ARTHUR John, Eskeydowey

ARTHUR Joseph Jun., Edenderry

ARTHUR Joseph Sen., Edenderry

ARTHUR William, Castletown

ARTHUR William, Gortanigan

The family name of McArthur is unknown in the parish.

Sadly, this is the reality of Irish genealogical research


Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

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