Hello Listers -

First of all, we'd like to thank ALL of your for your wonderful support!
Without you, the Mailing List would not be possible.

Secondly, concern has been raised about the message entitled " Welcome to
the "Cotyronelist" mailing list" which went out overnight.  We want to
assure everyone this is a completely normal message from the Mailing List
software to remind everyone of how to use the list; how to amend your
profile and your password. It is not spam or phishing!

Thirdly, our website, CoTyroneIreland.com, is always seeking new data,
photos, etc.  If you have an ancestor born in Co. Tyrone but buried
elsewhere, we'd love to add him to the site OR if you have old photos of
Tyrone people/places/churches which are not already on the site OR if you
have transcriptions of data.

Fourth, a special thanks to those Listers who have responded to queries
needing assistance. Sharing our expertise and knowledge is what makes the
List and the World go around!!

Please feel free to email me at anytime.

Best regards and THANKS for your continued support,

Jim McKane, webmaster
South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada
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