Google Books has the 1888 version of this book.  I recommend it, although many 
(perhaps most) mentions of men at the siege list only rank and surname.  Here’s 
one example.
Describing events on 17 July 1689, “Captain Noble went with a party beyond the 
gallows, thinking to beat the enemy from the ditches; and Murray went where the 
new fort was built with some men, who were appointed, as soon as Noble had 
flanked them above, to fall on them below.  But Noble was beat back, one of his 
men killed and three wounded ... We lost one Sergeant Lynn in that attempt.” 
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Hello Jim
This book is offered online in a recent reproduction reprint.
Haven’t seen it as yet.
Dave Mitchell
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Does anyone have a copy of this publication?

Jim McKane, webmaster
South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
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