Hello Henry

So good to hear you had a good time in Omagh, and I'm sure, 100 000 welcomes 
and lots of friendly Irish and county Tyrone assistance ....

Did you know that both Dr Edward Thompson and his father Dr Henry were surgeons 
associated with the County Tyrone Hospital in Omagh?   Also that Edward was 
awarded the Albert Medal for trying to save the life of a little boy who was 
suffering from diphtheria?

I have done a little research on this and have pulled some newspaper articles 
and certificates, if you're interested.   I will send you a folder link, off 

Regrettably I have no direct interest -- the reason why I pursued this research 
was because the wee lad was Herbert Mitchell, (as I learnt) son of Joseph 
Mitchell of Clanabogan (sadly, no known or likely kin of mine, unless way, way 
back).  (I had been pursuing another Herbert Mitchell /  David Herbert Hamilton 
Mitchell, from Londonderry.)

Also my own grandfather was a county Tyrone doctor - Dr James Alexander 
Mitchell who came to South Africa in 1899, before his parents and 2 of his 
siblings moved to the Omagh area (from Donagheady), and who himself married a 
wonderful lass, Eileen Mary Thompson (no relative to the Omagh surgeons, her 
line of Thompsons were from Richmond, in Yorkshire -- her father was F. R. 
"Matabele" Thompson).   (So you will appreciate my partiality to Omagh, to co. 
Tyrone doctors and to any form of Thompson/Mitchell association!)

Warm regards

David Mitchell
Cape Town
South Africa

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My wife and I came to Ireland, we saw (Omagh and surrounds) and were pleasantly 
surprised at our friendly reception in county Tyrone’s center town, Omagh. 
Kudos to Edwin Johnston, research librarian of the Omagh library. His 
assistance made our visit worthwhile by finding my family cemetery plot, Church 
of Ireland, Clanabogan. My great great grandfather, Henry Thompson, M.D.  and 
my great uncle, Edward Thompson, M.D. plus family were interred there (see 
pix). I wonder where my cousins went? There must be dozens! My 96 year old 
mother was so pleased to be reminded of her holidays with Uncle Edward “Ned” 
Thompson of Omagh when she was a young girl. The sparkle in her eyes was 

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