Hello friends...My husband and I are travelling to Northern Ireland in a
couple of weeks and I have a family mystery I'd love to make an attempt to
find clues about.  Here's what we know:

*Andrew Hackett* My 3rd Great Grandfather B. Abt 1795 County Tyrone D. Abt.
1875 Huron County, Ontario, Canada  married Jane Smith B. 1793 County
Tyrone D. 3 Dec 1851 Huron County, Ontario, Canada.  Children all born in
County Tyrone, Ireland but married in Ontario, Canada:

Alexander Hackett (my Great Great Grandfather) 1819 D. 1903 Huron County,
Ontario married Jane Johnston B. Kingston, Ontario.

Joseph Hackett B. 20 Jan 1820 County Tyrone D. 25 Sep 1894 London, Ontario,
Canada married Huron County, Ontario Abt. 1853 to Esther Tackaberry B. 1
Jan 1828 Ireland, D. 31 Aug 1904 Ontario, Canada

Ann Jane Hackett B. 17 Jun 1822 County Tyrone D. Aug 1906 Lamont, Alberta,
Canada married her first cousin Walter Lett Hackett B. 13 Jul 1825 in 1850
Ontario, Canada.  Walter D. 10 Jan 1902 Lamont, Alberta.  Walter’s middle
name being Lett is strange and should be unique. My father Keith Merwin
Hackett 1924 – 2007 inquired about it to Irish Archives but nothing came of
it.  (It was an inquiry on a 1970ish typewriter  J )

Lucinda Hackett B. 1824 County Tyrone D. 1881 Michigan, USA married John
Jenkins B. 1820 County Tyrone D. 14 Apr 1873 Michigan, USA

*Andrew traveled with his brother Joseph Hackett* B. Apr 1803 County Tyrone
D. 27 Jan 1887 Huron, Ontario, Canada.  He married Ellen Maxwell B. 1795 D.
1882 and Married in 1823 in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  Their
children both born in County Tyrone:

Walter Lett Hackett B. 13 Jul 1825 County Tyrone and D. 1902. See above
married his first cousin.

James Hackett B. 18 Jul 1828 County Tyrone and D. 17 May 1916.  Married
Esther Reid B. 18 Aug 1845 County Derry, D. 1925 Huron County, Ontario,

I find it hard to believe Andrew only had two children, there could be more.

Despite it all, we have no idea who their parents were or if there were any
other siblings.  I have purchased a one month subscription to
rootsireland.ie but can’t find much.

If it helps, apparently when Andrew and Joseph Hackett travelled to Canada
in 1938 they were shipwrecked and saved by another Schooner who picked them
up with only the clothes on their backs.  My father wrote to Ireland to try
and find out which ship they were on and they did not know.

Thanks in advance for anything you can bring more information to J

Carol Fryer nee Hackett
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