Len.I was concerned about your comment "but my decade-long project of 
transcribing every parish in Co. Tyrone has brought zero response"   and 
wondered if you feel people aren't viewing your transcription work, or ??I 
don't want you to think your work isn't valued!Whenever I get a notice about 
your transcriptions if they're in my people's areas, I have a look!I have found 
much useful info.How do you measure the 'response' to your transcriptions, as I 
don't think you'd know that I was viewing them?Thanks, and please keep up your 
work!Peggy, Canada. (Grandfather Dr. George W. Knipe came to Canada 1911. 
Unagh, near Cookstown, Watson, McCall, Mcgeagh lines from Cty. Tyrone and 


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Hello Boyd and all,

I cannot stress the value of the Tithe Applotment Books to Irish researchers, 
but my decade-long project of transcribing every parish in Co. Tyrone has 
brought zero response and I have often wondered the value of continuing with 
the project. Some parishes have two surviving books and both warrant 
transcribing: tithe payers may be recorded in c1825 but gone (generally 
emigrated) by the late 1830s.

The possibly easiest method to locate the origins of emigrant forebears is to 
refer to Griffiths Valuation (c1860) 
http://www.askaboutireland.ie/griffith-valuation/ for any concentration of the 
names/s you are researching and then refer to the relevant tithe applotment 

Am not sure if it will be possible to create an index from my files (formatted 
in Word), but will be considered. To date, the number of pages compiled amounts 
to 1,504, and the number of entries recording the names of tithe payers amounts 
to in excess of 35,000. And the transcribing continues. It is a major project 
and is not being undertaken in any other county in Northern Ireland.

These are VERY important records.

Best wishes with your researching,
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

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