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Further to your fine article on the Pomeroy Presbyterian church. Rev David 
Evans was born in Kildress Tyrone and served in Pomeroy for 22yrs as minister. 
We believe he married Elizabeth McKee of Cavanakeeran   who died and was buried 
at Richmond Ontario Canada with her son. Rev Evans was tried in 1837 for his 
debts unpaid. In 1838 he received a new posting in Canada. We believe he left 
Tyrone with a number of families who all immigrated. The number of members of 
the church in Pomeroy sharply dropped about the same time. The parish in Canada 
he took was St Therese Quebec. Unfortunately for the new settlers they tried to 
take up residence in the middle of the Papineau rebellion 1837-1838. St Therese 
being very close to the epicenter of the trouble in which thousands fled ( 
homes, towns and farms burned to the ground) for their lives and hundreds were 
killed or transported to Australia. Some of the new church also fled and 
settled in Richmond Ontario 1840-41 were the settlers he brought with him 
remained becoming part of a settlement build by the 100th regiment of foot 
1818. Rev Evans was remarried after the death of his wife to Martha Gordon a 
daughter of a prominent church elder and latter they where posted to Kitley 
Ontario near Prescott Ontario where he died. Hope that is of some help to 
others and would like very much to speak with others who are interested in this 
story. I believe that Elizabeth McKee was probably closely related to my family 
and my progenitor John McKee or McCoy was part of that group of settlers.


Ron McCoy

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Pomeroy Presbyterian Church, Co. Tyrone: A History 

Thanks again to Len Swindley for another great addition to CTI!

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