Wish I could help,  also searching and not finding much on our Thompsons.  

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Hello, I am searching for more information about the following:

John Nugent (b. about 1795) Co. Tyrone.
Father - Patrick
Mother - name unknown
Sister - Catherine (1807)
Catherine's husband - Peter McKinley (1803), also from Co. Tyrone, married in 

John Nugent moved to Liverpool, Eng. before 1821. He had a poultry shop. Peter 
McKinley was in shipping of some sort. They lived quite well for the time.

m. Mary Ann Rice
Children: Fr. James (1822); Ellen (1824); Mary Ann (1826); Catherine (1829); 
*Margaret (1830); Ann (1834); Jane (1837); Teresa (1839); Lucy (1841); Fr. John 
(1845); Joseph (1848).

Census records from England note Co. Tyrone as place of birth. I have plenty of 
information about John and his family after arriving in England, but nothing 
from Ireland.

In a biography about Fr. James Nugent, the author notes that the family came 
from Meath, but the census records indicate Co. Tyrone.

Any help you can offer would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

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