Hello Peggy,

Pleased that you have found useful and interesting data. Evelyn’s extractions 
are of quite some relevance to your research due to their early eighteenth 
century creation.

Prior to the c1860 Griffiths Valuation, there are the Tithe Applotment Books; I 
have posted numerous alerts to this mailing list as to the essential value of 
these records. For those researchers unaware, both Unagh and Coolreaghs 
townlands belong to LISSAN civil parish Co. Tyrone

I have indexed all Co. Tyrone tithe applotment books: that for Lissan was 
compiled in 1827 and can be found at 
http://www.cotyroneireland.com/menus/tithe.html The TABs have been filmed by 
the LDS and images of the original entries may be viewed online at any LDS 
Family History Centre.

Knipe was recorded as Snipe in Lissan, but in the adjacent parishes of 
Derryloran (Co. Tyrone) and Eglish and Kilmore (Co. Armagh) and Artea (Co. 
Londonderry) tithe payers were recorded as Knipe.

To ascertain the arrival of Knipes in Unagh it would be necessary to search the 
extremely large Archbishopric of Armagh Estate archive which is housed in 
PRONI, Belfast. These records are not available online.

McGeaghs are recorded in the 1796 Lissan Flaxseed Premiums, but not Knipes.

Hope this helps,
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

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CoTyroneIreland.com - New Content - Archbishopric of Armagh Estate: Tenant of 
the Lease: Sir Robert Staples Knight, 1703

Thanks for this!
It includes the 2 Townlands my Grandfather and ancestors came from.
121 - - 32 Ouna Als Guinagh (Unagh) and 130 – 3- 8 Coleraghs als 
Is there a way to bridge the gap from the 1703 record when there were very 
people people in Unagh and Coolreaghs, to the Griffiths, so find out when my 
ancestors arrived?
The names involved are McGeagh and Knipe.
>From what I've learned, Mcgeagh was there first and the Unagh National School 
>House was on his land.
Margaret McGeagh (I don't know her Father's name) married Thomas Knipe, they 
then aquired the land adjoining the School House and taught there, as did their 
son Robert Thomson Knipe, my G.Grandfather. They farmed the land.


Thomas Knipe *
Margaret McGeagh *

 Any help is greatly appreciated!
Peggy Knipe Gish

Thank you, Peggy (Margaret) Gish
pbg...@yahoo.ca (NOT.com)

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Archbishopric of Armagh Estate: Tenant of the Lease: Sir Robert Staples Knight, 

Archbishopric of Armagh Estate: Tenant of the Lease: Sir Robert Staples Knight, 

Thanks again to Evelyn Cardwell &  Len Swindley for another great addition to 

Jim McKane
South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
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