Hello Vicky,

Jim McKane has forwarded your query for me to respond; subscribers to CTI 
http://www.cotyroneireland.com/  may find the information interesting. I am not 
an historian or an expert in anything, but have searched online for articles 
that may assist you –
The c1630 Muster Rolls are well-covered in the work of the late Bob Hunter, an 
Ulster historian of great  note:
The New Model Army is covered in this Wikipedia item:

Trust this is useful,
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Jim McKane,
Is it possible to answer a couple of generic Questions I have?
1) How did the word get out for the Counties to Muster? ie: 1630?
2) Given that Ulster Planters were, for the most part, Royalists, would they, 
after the 1641 Rebellions were over, have possibly joined the New Model Army?
Thank you for any insight you could provide me. It would be much appreciated.
Best Regards,
Vicky Jacobs

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