Hi Margaret,

I am a "researcher" currently working on a project very similar to the one
you describe.  And after weeks of research, I have not found that magical
"smoking gun" which you seem to desire.  Thankfully, I am not being
expected to do so and I made that clear at the start when I offered to
help.  It is as simple as this.  If the records do not exist, no amount of
research, by anyone other than a magic fairy, is ever going to find that
definitive link for which you seek.  In the end, it will all come down to
probabilities.  If you have researched every birth, marriage and death,
every land record from the Tithe Applotment Books, through the Griffiths
Valuation AND beyond through the Griffiths Valuation Revision Books,
through their overlap with the censuses and right through to their end
circa 1930, then you will have sufficient sense of the family in that area
to know whether they are your folks, to withing 80% or 90% degree of
certainty.  But you can not expect even a professional researcher to magic
up a record which does not exist.

Just like you, we found a Christopher Irwin, but not the Christopher Irwin
who emigrated to Ontario in 1850 because this Christopher Irwin was still
in Co Tyrone when he died in 1906.  But, we have done enough work on this
branch of the Irwins, compared to other Irwins from County Tyrone, which
was the only clue given by Canadian records, to be reasonably sure we have
the right Irwins.  But no smoking gun.  No family bible.  No record from a
list of sources which simply does not exist.  No researcher with a magic
wand.  If you need to know what sources are actually available, have a look
here at the helpful hints, workshop videos, sources and links:

That is the reality.

Keep researching, do not give up, but do not look for the impossible....
though, who knows.... you may strike lucky and find that mythicak family

I hope this helps.






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> I have grown more and more frustrated with my research in Northern
> Ireland.  Has anyone ever used a researcher?  Was it a good experience?
> Can anyone recommend someone?
> I have done my research for Samuel Armstrong born 1811 and his son William
> born 1852, Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
> I have done Griffith's Valuation and the census from 1901 and 1911.
> I centered on the Armstrong's of Sixmilecross.  I went there because in
> Griffith's Valuation, they had a Samuel Armstrong.
> I now know that it is not my Samuel Armstrong.  I figure he came to Canada
> in 1860 - 1862.
> The Samuel Armstrong of Sixmilecross is present right into the late
> 1800's.
> this is what frustrated me to the most.
> I have done the family tree for the Armstrong's of Sixmilecross back to
> 1797 with Isaac Armstrong, father Francis, I believe, but not lots of proof.
> My own guess is Samuel is a younger brother of Isaac.  But absolutely no
> proof.
> Hence the reason I am thinking of getting a researcher for a bit.
> Any advice would be appreciated.
> Margaret Marion
> Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
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