Family Tree DNA reportedly has more peoplewith Ulster roots than any other 
company. That obviously increases the chancesof finding a match. If you have 
already tested,you can transfer your results to them for no fee.

The North of Ireland Family History Societyis running an Ulster DNA project and 
can offer FTDNA testing kits at a reducedprice. to DNA 
project on the website).


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I want to thank everyone for their comments on my request to get a researcher.  
I think I will spend my money on something better.  I think this calls for a 
trip to Ireland with some Ancestry DNA kits.  I don't know that much about DNA 
research.  But I do know how I can export from Ancestry very easily and put it 
on gedmatch.  From there I can figure out our relationship to a certain extent. 
 And I will still keep looking for that hint.Sometimes I wonder if my relatives 
really did steal a British army pay chest and come to Canada.  When I look at 
my Armstrong's, the information keeps changing.  I wonder if they changed their 
last name coming to Canada.I don't think so, but the Canadian evidence keeps 
changing, on one census they say they came in 1862, then the next 1865 and yet 
there they are in the 1861 census.Sorry to gripe. Now that I have read your 
comments I am more confident in my research as well.  Thank you.Margaret 
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