As far as I am aware there’s no townlandnamed Armagh in Co. Tyrone and no 
Tyrone in Co. Armagh. However as you havespotted, some parishes cross the 
county borders and are in both, and the whole Armaghdiocese covers both 
counties. Someone born or married in Co. Tyrone couldappear in some church 
records which have an overall title of Diocese of Armagh.I think this can cause 
confusion if you don’t fully understand what the sets ofrecords include.

You can see the boundaries of the Church ofIreland diocese of Armagh on this 

As far as Mary Gadys is concerned she didn’tput Armagh down on her death 
certificate as her place of birth. She was dead.The informant put that down and 
it could just be wrong. Burial and deathcertificates contain many mistakes over 
ages, names etc. Informants seemed tobe reluctant to put “not known” and 
guessed instead. Or simply had wronginformation.



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Hi All

I have a relative Mary Gadys(Gaddis) who is from Tyrone and on the death 
certificate she lists Armagh as her place of birth. I see a number of 
individuals around 1810 time period also listing county Tyrone, Armagh 
as their birth place. I am struggling to find a geographic place named 
Armagh in Tyrone that would match. I find the dioceses of Armagh in the 
Parish of Aghaloo in the south of Tyrone. I suspect this is the area in 
question. When I Google Tyrone, Armagh I get conflicting information and 
am usually directed back to County Armagh. Can someone help me to 
understand and define the Tyrone Armagh mentioned on these documents?

Thanks for your help


Ron McCoy

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