Three Boak lines from Co Tyrone are connected via DNA tests but the actual 
family members that link us together is not known. The surnames include these 
spelling variations Boak, Boake, and Boag. None of the matched people via the 
DNA testing have information that allows us to make a connection to a common 
ancestor. Hoping someone on this site might be able to assist with more 
information and/or potential contacts. Please contact jsrdgrace <at> excite 
<dot> com if you have information or suggestions. THANK YOU! BOAK/BOAG Line 1. 
Robert Boak (Sr), born circa 1740 was a flax farmer and linen weaver in 
Northern Ireland. He married a McCormick (given name unknown). They had 12 
children. Robert (Sr) had at least two brothers per a family-held 1833 letter 
written by his son Robert (Jr) to another son, Charles. In the letter Robert 
(Jr) writes "You wished to know if any of our uncles are alive, none on our 
Father's side. An uncle Charles McCormick is in this country and Uncle John is 
still alive in Ireland."  While I'm largely focused on finding Robert Boak's 
brothers and parental line, I would also like to learn more about his wife's 
McCormick family. Robert Boak (Jr) married Mary Calderwood who died of cholera 
in 1833 just before the above mentioned letter was written. Robert Boak later 
remarried a Jane ___ and lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Charles Boak 
came to the United States long before Robert (Jr). He was made a naturalized 
citizen in 1811 and resided in western Pennsylvania. Another of Robert's sons, 
Aaron Boak, along with Aaron's son William farmed part of the Peacockbank / 
Marquis of Abercorn land. Their lines are well documented including several 
citations found within this CoTyroneIreland site. (side bar THANKS to all who 
have posted and indexed so many stories and electronic versions on CTI). Two 
male descendants, from the brothers Charles and Aaron Boak respectively, have a 
perfect FTDNA-Y37 match distance '0'. This confirmed the research each family 
had conducted separately to match us back to the Robert Boak (Sr) born circa 
1740. * * * * * * *BOAKE Line 2. A male descendant of Robert Boake (note 
spelling) has a close FTDNA-Y37 match, distance '1', with the two DNA matches 
in Line 1 above. This Robert Boake, 1820-1878, married a Lucy Marie (Mary) 
Rigdon. It is guessed that Robert Boake's ancestor was a brother or 1st cousin 
to Robert Boak from Line 1. Rigdon is the daughter of Dr. Loamun Rigdon and 
Rebecca White Dunlevy. * * * * * * *BOAK Line 3. A female descendent of the 
Berkeley, Virginia Boak brothers is a distant cousin match ( to 
the Line 1 descendant of Charles Boak. The three Berkeley, Virginia Boak 
brothers are Robert, John, and William. It is thought their father was a John 
Boak b circa 1745 Co Tyrone. Given his estimated year of birth this John Boak 
and Robert Boak (Sr) might be brothers or close cousins. The three brothers and 
their families are well documented in Dorothy Panzer's 'The Beech Tree'. It is 
a descendant of the brother Robert, spouse Eleanor Lee, with whom the DNA match 
was made. This connection led to finding four different Ankrum descendants also 
matching to Line 1 via DNA testing. One is a well-documented match to 
descendants of Robert Boak and Eleanor Lee. * * * * * * *Other - Gordon. 
FTDNA-Y testing shows both the Line 1 Boaks matching with a distance of just 
'1' with three different males, surname Gordon. Two of the three have the same 
Y-Haplogroup and one is from a different Y-Haplogroup. While this is not a 
correct use of Y-DNA testing it did lead to these findings: There was a Gordon 
family who lived on a farm in Co Tyrone also belonging to Marquis of Abercorn. 
Two Gordon family members (father and son) married two Boake women, their 
relationship unknown. From the Gordon Genealogy site "Peter Gordon was married 
to Mary Boake and had five children. William Gordon married Mary Ross, sister 
of Aaron Ross. William & Mary had at least four children; Mary Gordon (m) 
McNutt; Margaret Gordon (m) Martin; William 1738-  and Aaron 1740-1817. Aaron 
Gordon married Margaret Boake 1744-1837 and had four children."Side note: Mary 
Boak and Peter Gordon were born circa 1690. Another coincidence? Aaron Gordon 
and Robert Boak (Sr) are listed one after the other in a document signed by 
Flax growers petitioning for more governmental support.  * * * * * * 
*Additional information. BOAK Line 1.Robert Boak and McCormick's children, all 
born in Northern Ireland, are as follows:-McCandless Boak-Elizabeth Boak 
(married, name unknown)-Sarah Boak (married, name unknown. Had 3 children. 
Lived in Pennsylvania.)-John Boak (married, name unknown. Had 2 daughters Mary 
and Martha)-Margaret Boak (married, name unknown. Had 7 sons and 1 
daughter)-Rebecca Boak-Charles Boak (married Mary Bell; had 11 children. Lived 
in Western Pennsylvania.)-Aaron Boak (married Ann Crocket; had 5 sons. Lived in 
Co Tyrone all his life.)-William Boak (married Martha Bradley; had 2 sons. 
Lived in Western Pennsylvania.)-Robert Boak (Jr) (married Mary Calderwood and a 
Jane __; had 4 children. Lived in Eastern Pennsylvania.)-James Boak (married 
Elizabeth Jane McCreary; had 3 children. Lived in Eastern Pennsylvania.)-a 
twelfth child, name and birth order unknown BOAKE Line 2. Robert Boake (married 
Lucia Maria Rigdon; had 9 children. Son James Boake married Catherine Van 
Harlingen and had two children, Corwin(e) and Lucy Gertrude. It is through 
Corwin's descendant that the DNA testing showed a match. "SKETCH OF LUCY MARIA 
RIGDON AND ROBERT BOAKE.Lucy Maria Rigdon was born at Wilmington, ; August 
30,1822, and died at . On August 29, 1843, at Hamilton she married Robert 
Boake. Robert Boake was born in Straban, County Tyrone, Ireland, on August 27, 
1820, and was of Scotch parents. Being a younger son (an entailed property 
named Stragullan) and not caring for the ministry or army, the only things 
permissible for a gentleman's son, he came to this country in 1835. He was in 
Philadelphia, Pa., for a time, then came to Lebanon. Ohio, where he was first a 
merchant and then a banker. On August 29, 1843, at Hamilton he married Lucy 
Maria Rigdon, third child of Rebecca White Dunlevy and Dr. L. Rigdon. Robert 
Boake died of heart disease at Humboldt, Kansas, on December 17, 1878, aged 
fifty-three years three months and twenty days. Lucy Maria Rigdon and Robert 
Boake had nine children…"Source: A_Genealogical_History_of_the_Dunlevy_Family
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