Hello Ron,
There are occasional UHF lectures tours to Canada, but not this year. These are 
wonderful events. I have attended three UHF week-long annual conferences in 
Belfast and Dublin and it was by attending these events that it became quite 
clear that North Americans appeared at a disadvantage as a result of poor 
immigration and civil registration records. On the other hand, Australian 
delegates had the  decided advantage of knowledge of the exact location of 
their forebear’s native place thanks to our complete records: hence my rather 
lame attempts at offering assistance through the forum of Cotyroneireland  

Good luck with your continuing research and regards, Len Swindley, Melbourne, 

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Do you know if there is a  Canadian Lecture tour and where and when it will be?
Ron McCoy
On 2019-03-02 6:20 p.m., Len Swindley via CoTyroneList wrote:
Hello Listers
The annual U.S. Family History lecture tour by Fintan Mullan and Gillian Hunt 
commences this week: These great events are recommended to anyone researching 
their Irish forebears. For full details of venues across the U.S. 
09 March - Concord, NH
10 March - Philadelphia, PA
11 March - Chicago, IL
12 March - Madison, WI SOLD OUT
13 March - Green Bay, WI
14 March - Salt Lake City, UT
15 March - Salt Lake City, UT
16 March - Denver, CO
18 March - Pittsburgh, PA
19 March - Louisville, KY
20 March - Coeur d'Alene, ID
22 March - Valparaiso, IN
23 March - Tampa, FL - SOLD OUT
24 March - Fairfield, CT
25 March - New York City, NY
26 March - New York City, NY
The Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, is Ireland’s leading family history 
research organisation.

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