Patrick Duffin died  October 18, 1896 in Kilsally, Cookstown, County Tyrone.  
He had a daughter Sarah born abt 1838 who married William Quinn in 1889 and a 
son Joseph born abt. 1842 who married Alice Hamilton in 1891, both marriages 
taking place in Stewartstown, Roman Catholic chapel.  I do not have the name of 
Patrick’s wife.
 Patrick had a cousin James Duffin who married Mary Caulfield in 1822 in 
Coalisland and they had several children before they emigrated to Ohio before 
1850.  Later James moved to Minnesota where he died in 1872. 
 Fast forward to 1959 when Patrick’s grandson named Thomas Joseph wrote to the 
newspaper in Minnesota inquiring after the relatives. 
 So the fathers of Patrick and James were brothers.  I find Patrick as a land 
owner of 23 acres in 1876.  I find three Caulfield landowners in 1876 who may 
or may not be connected to Mary Caulfield who emigrated.  
The grandson Thomas Joseph Duffin  died August 3, 1959 possibly in Ballinderry 
Bridge, Cookstown 
 Does anyone know the name of Patrick’s wife or his parents  or have any other 
information on the family ?  Patrick’s obituary would be fabulous. 
 Thanks for any help 
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