I am hoping that someone can help me find my husband's ancestry.Here is all the 
information we know:His great grandfather was William Park Jr., We were told 
that he was a squire in Tyrone County, not sure  which Parish and left Ireland 
in the 1850's and settled in Pennsylvania, USAHe was married twice and had 22 
children. My husband's grandfather was the 22nd one born. The names of his 
siblings that we know of were George, Fanny, and Lucy. He married Jemima (not 
sure of the spelling) Burkhouse, second wife. Not sure if they were married in 
Ireland or if they were married after he came to the US. He died at the age of 
75 but not sure what year. 
If you can find ANY records for us we would greatfully appreciate it. You can 
email this address with any information or if you can't help I would appreciate 
knowing that as well. Thanks
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