Hello Sue,

The YARROW sisters arrived in Sydney January 1842 from Oritor, Co. Tyrone as 
assisted immigrants (passages had been paid by the colonial government) on the 

Oritor is a 289 acre townland within Kildress parish, near Cookstown

KILDRESS TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOK entries for both Yarrows and Nobbs (phonetic 
spelling is of no concern as it was fully acceptable at that time) 
NABBS, Thomas, Orator
YARROW, James, Stramackilmartin
YARROW, John, Stramackilmartin
YARROW, Mathew, Orator
YARROW, Thomas, Strens

JAMES and JOHN NEWBURY from Oritor arrived in Sydney as assisted immigrants on 
the “Oriental” April 1850; have you encountered them in your research? It is 
possible they were related or neighbours persuaded to emigrate as a result of 
encouraging letters received from Sydney?

NEWBURY, Henry, Corchoney
NEWBURY, Terence, Cloghfin
NOBBS, George, Gortin
NOBBS, James, Oritor
NOBBS, John, Oritor
YARROW, James, Meenascallagh
YARROW, John, Meenascallagh

December 4 1863
NOBBS. November 22, at Orritor, near Cookstown, Mrs Nobbs, aged 100 years 
(Tyrone Constitution)

The Yarrows and Nobbs origins were most likely English, as those that emigrated 
to Australia are described as Protestants; in Irish terms this indicates they 
were members of the Church of Ireland.

Hoping this is useful,
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

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Hello Sue

A small note …   I have come across the surname “Knobbs” in Londonderry, ca. 
1900.  William Knobbs was a stonemason, wife Sarah, daughter Matilda.

Possibly “Nobbs” and “Knobbs” were spelling variations of the same surname.


Dave Mitchell
Cape Town
South Africa

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Hi Team

I have recently subscribed to the email list so apologies if what I am asking 
is not what this list is designed for..

My name is Sue Piper.  My great great grandmother was Matilda Yarrow who 
immigrated to Australia from Oritor County Tyrone in 1842. Matilda arrived with 
her 2 sisters , Margaret and Eliza. Their father is listed as Mathew Yarrow 
(bootmaker)  and mother as Margaret or (Anne) Yarrow (née Nobbs   as stated on 
the death certificate I have for Matilda). I have been trying to find 
information about Matilda, her siblings and her parents to see where they came 
from ( if they immigrated to Ireland from elsewhere -Scotland perhaps??).

I have found reference to a Mathew Yarrow on the Tithe Aplotments register in 
1826 for Kildress  and was wondering if this is the same person. I have checked 
John Grenham and there is no Mathew Yarrow mentioned so i have no idea when he 
passed away - or why the sisters shipped to Australia in 1842 (seems for work 

I am travelling to Ireland in mid June but will not have time to get to Tyrone.

Hoping you can point me in the right direction?

Kindest rehgards

Sue Piper
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