THANKS so much, Jani for the compliment!  We appreciate your support and
happy to hear you've had some luck with new data. Since you are in K-W,
please email me off list -

Merry Christmas

Jim McKane
Kitchener, Ontario

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 10:22 AM Jani Carless via CoTyroneList <> wrote:

> Many thanks for all your efforts!  The time and effort by you two
> dedicated souls is enormous and deeply appreciated.  Personally, I have
> many small successes from CTI, too many to recount.  While there was no
> dramatic crash of a brick wall, the slow chipping also builds a larger
> picture.  Thanks again!  Oh, and welcome to K-W,  Jim :-)
> Jani Carless
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