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McKittrick <> Subject: [CoTyroneMailingList] Morrison 
Family Name in Ulster 1610 - 1633 A past Genealogical Society of Victoria 
(Australia) handout indicates that Morrison appears in Scottish names in 
Tyrone, 1610-1633 based on muster rolls and estate maps.Sources:             
Brian Orr, Plantation of Ireland and the Ulster Scots published on <>                      Gwen 
Rawlings-Barry, The Ulster Plantation (1605-1697) published on <> 
(website not found).Peter McKittrick> On 22 May 2020, at 10:23 am, Gordon 
Wilkinson via CoTyroneList <> wrote:> > Rick, 
My guess is that they could have been part of the plantation of Ulster in the 
17thC. I suspect(based on my surname) that my ancestors may have been part of 
that event too but have not been able to find any records of who arrived from 
where and when. Any help (thanks Len S. for your earlier help) would be 
appreciated. Gordon> > On 22/05/2020 3:14 am, Rick Smoll via CoTyroneList 
wrote:>> My Morrison ancestors occupied a farm in the Loughterush townland 
(Kilskeery Parish) from at least the mid 1700s until 1970 when the last 
Morrison on the farm passed away (he was a bachelor), and the farm was sold at 
public auction. The earliest ancestor I have found records for was Edward 
Morrison, and the earliest reference to Loughterush was with the birth of a 
daughter of his in 1781.>> My question is: Is there a way to find out when the 
Morrisons first came to occupy the farm in Loughterush?>> Thank you for any 
help on this.>> >>   Rick Smoll>> 
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