On Friday 16 December 2005 18:40, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> Scott Courtney writes:
> > DEBUG: LOGIN: ip=[(null)], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> > DEBUG: LOGIN: ip=[(null)], password=(password_here)
> > ERR: authdaemon: s_connect() failed: No such file or directory
> > Authentication FAILED: No such file or directory
> You probably forgot to start authdaemond.
> See “Starting and stopping the authentication daemon” in courier-authlib's 

That was it, exactly. And I apparently failed my literacy test, because it
turns out that I totally misunderstood what I read in the docs.

I didn't forget to start authdaemond -- I started the wrong one! I was trying
to start it using this:

# /usr/local/courier/libexec/courier-authlib/authdaemond start

And got this:

Error: authdaemond no longer handles its own daemonizing.
Use new startup script.

It appears I misunderstood the documentation the first time I read it.
The other startups were in libexec, so that was where I was looking for
the "authdaemond" that was mentioned in IMAP's INSTALL. I didn't realize --
until just now, reading your note -- that there were *two* scripts of
the same name. Oops.

My error in reading the docs was to think that this error message meant
the pop3d.rc and/or imapd.rc scripts (those being the only other "startup"
scripts I knew about) must be supposed to start authdaemond internally.

Since the docs said run "the" (so I thought) startup script, and the one I ran
said *not* to run it, I assumed the docs must be slightly out of date from
the very latest code release (the last time I installed Courier IMAP was in
something like version 3.0 or somewhere along there -- it's been working
great in a heavy production environment, so we haven't messed with it).

The version of "authdaemond" that I really needed installs into
/usr/local/sbin/ (or similar, depending on ./configure options).

I didn't RTFM. I MRTFM (*misread* the fine manual).
Thanks for helping me find my mistake. It's working fabulously now.

By way of payback....  I'd be willing to write this up more lucidly, as a
brief FAQ entry, if someone can tell me to whom it should be submitted for
publication. (I'm new to this list.)


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