kazabe skrev, on 11-08-2007 14:24:

> Im using postfix with the always_bcc feature, to do a backup of all
> the messages in a backup account. Im using too amavis to provide
> antiSpam/Virus support to my server.
> Because im using the content filter, the messages are arriving
> duplicated to the backup account.
> im using maildrop to move the spam to the user junk folder, but i
> wanna know if maildrop can catch the messages with message-id
> duplicated, and delet them.
> Is possible do that?

maildrop can do that, I do it (but not for your reason, you should see 
and get rid of that - see messages on the Postfix ML). In maildroprc:

# Avoid messages with duplicate Message-IDs
`/usr/bin/reformail -D 16000 duplicate.cache`
    if ( $RETURNCODE == 0 )

Writes the duplicate.cache db to $HOME/Maildir.

> Im looking in google for that, but the information founded is about
> procmail, not to maildrop :(.

There's a separate maildrop ML.



Tony Earnshaw
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