Knallfrosch writes:

id=00004756.3DEE5829.00007386,from=<sender@???.ch>,addr=<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: 550 {mx024-rz3} No multi
-recipient error messages, please - access denied
Dec 4 20:32:00 pluto courieresmtp: id=00004756.3DEE5829.00007386,from=<sender@???.ch>,addr=<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,status: f

sender / receiver names replaced :)

I think my couriermta tries to send all three mails together. Which is a good idea at first glace.
I've tried to find the courier config switch to split the mails and send them individually. But I can't find it :(
Anything that cannot receive mail addressed to multiple recipients cannot be technically described as a "mail server".

Tell to fix their broken server.

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