Again stuck on what is my domain if I have no real domain but I need local

For now I have only one relay, defined in /etc/courier/smtpaccess/default<TAB>allow,RELAYCLIENT,FAXRELAYCLIENT

In "Default acces policies for couriersmtpd" also where two others
but I have been mark them out (may be is it the problem?).


It's not a real domain, I'm sitting on dynamic IP address, and using
smarthost, defined in /etc/courier/esmtproute
no authentication required - I think it using hw address authentication.

My username "tovis" - as usually :)
When I tried send email to other local user (for exmaple fax) I have SMTP
error 517 for [EMAIL PROTECTED]

What should be the right domain name for local delivery, in case of no
real domain?

Could some one figure out what is wrong or missed from my config?

Debain Etch.

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