Hi all,
this to announce the new version, and also to confirm a feature of 
global filtering that Sam has described last May.

*zdkimfilter 0.4*
In the new version ADSP failures are treated differently, as 
summarized in the table below, where the failure condition is the 
result of evaluating ADSP against the domain in the "From" header field.

  condition   | action          | v0.3 was | dkim-adsp
  nxdomain    | reject          | reject   | nxdomain
  all         | reject          | accept   | fail
  discardable | drop (see [WP]) | reject   | discard

Actions can be mitigated by whitelisting senders validated by DKIM 
(also new) or SPF.  The meaning of the /no_author_domain/ parameter 
has changed from "don't evaluate ADSP" to "always accept, but report 
success/ failure". The setting of this parameter in the distributed 
zdkimfilter.conf has also changed.  Further details and download in [ZD].

*run_filter confirmation*
Using codes "0nn" works as described in [0n], final paragraphs. In 
addition, the text of the response is also passed to the remote 
client.  To wit, output of "050 Message dropped" from the filter 
results in Courier answering "250 Message dropped" to the client, 
after it has uploaded the message data.  Any remaining filters are not 

[WP] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Author_Domain_Signing_Practices
[ZD] http://www.tana.it/sw/zdkimfilter/
[0n] http://markmail.org/message/6amrraxgp7ymjdi2

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