Hi all,
new features of this release of zdkimfilter [Z] are as follows:

It is now possible to select the signing domain according to the value 
of a configured header in the outgoing message.

Statistics files.  This requires OpenDKIM v2.2.0, released a few days 
ago.  In order to gain some insight in the behavior of DKIM, they 
collect statistics data in anonymous form from a number of 
participating MTAs [DB].  With MySQL and an OpenDBX --not to be 
confused with the similarly named Outlook Express stuff site-- it is 
possible to feed a local copy of the same schema.

Spamhaus Domain whitelist [DWL] is looked up on valid DKIM signatures.

*Added parameters*
key_choice_header (for choosing signing domain)
no_dwl (for skipping dwl.spamhaus.org lookup)
stats_file (for enabling statistics)
stats_wait (for stats file locks)

*Other changes*
-Two utilities, zdkimstats-*, for managing stats files.
-Fixed 8k line length limit.
-Set header.from in dkim-adsp's A-R entry.

[Z] http://www.tana.it/sw/zdkimfilter/
[DB] http://www.opendkim.org/stats/report.html
[DWL] http://www.spamhauswhitelist.com/


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