Hi, I kindly ask for a performance tip.

Our courier server works mostly ok, but searching in large inboxes takes
couple of seconds. Is there a way how to speed up search?
Our server is a virtual machine on current generation xeon server:
1 virtual cpu
1gb ram
We have disk on 7.2k rpm drive:
5gb email in shared inboxes
13gb email in user inboxes (6 users)
We have less than 100 new emails daily.

I think imap search is mostly disk bound and adding cpu or memory won't
help. Is this true?
If it is so, than moving to ssd should be greatly beneficial. Or would more
cpu or ram be benefical?

Also, we are having problems with Thunderbird, our current imap client.
It's slow. It's global index, which should speed up searching, has many UX
problems and does not find every message. Any suggestions for good windows
imap client would be appreciated too.

Thank you very much.
Jan Müller
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