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Sam Varshavchik <mr...@courier-mta.com> wrote:

> courier's addcr was historically intended to replace addcr from
> ucspi-tcp.
> This is not the only binary in Courier that intentionally replaces
> some other tool's functionality.
> Another one is preline, that intentionally provides the same
> functionality as procmail's getline. Why is that not a conflict?

That's much less problematic, because it has another name. (my
procmail installation has no getline, not sure why).

> A solution that's usually used elsewhere is to simply put Courier's
> bindir somewhere else, and then add it to the system shells' default
> PATHs. That's the default configure setting, bindir
> is /usr/lib/courier/bin.
> Would that work here?

I'd find that a very unclean solution, so I'd rather like to avoid it.

Right now we simply don't allow parallel installation of courier and
ucspi-tcp, and if you're set on keeping addcr with this name I think
we'll keep it that way.

Hanno Böck

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