Bernd Plagge writes:

Hi Sam,
thanks for a great product!

Times are changing and with the introduction of systemd also comes journald.
Seems that running syslog in addition to journald is not very good.

So, I switched syslog off.
Now I find imap and pop messages in the log but no delivery result or messages about incoming mails. It seems that half of the Courier messages does not make it into the journal.

Are there any settings I've overseen? Courier logging is turned on but maybe there are additional journald settings.

I'm not familiar with this aspect of systemd.

All messages from Courier get logged the same way, to the "mail" facility. The only difference is that messages from the main courier daemon get sent directly to syslog, while other daemons log to standard error, which is piped to courierlogger, which reads them and syslog()s them.

I don't see anything obvious by perusing the various man pages.

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