On Wed 22/Mar/2017 16:55:09 +0100 Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> A server is a shared resource. It never made any sense to me to offload as 
> much
> processing as possible to the server. It makes more sense for most of the
> processing to be done on the client side, with the server's role limited to
> feeding the raw data to the client.

Thunderbird client (apparently) features server-side searches.  I never found a
check-box to try server-side threading.  Anyway, IME, client-side searches
became reliable after the client sticked with maintaining an indexed database
of messages.

Some IMAP servers use indexed files too.  Courier does not.  What is the
rationale behind that design choice?

> There are more clients than there are servers. Clients, collectively have
> more shared processing power. A CPU currently busy sorting some
> knucklehead's ten year mail archive can't do anything else, for other
> clients. That never made any sense, but that's how IMAP is overall designed,
> to push as much processing to the server.

Sometimes it makes sense to use disposable clients...

> And, of course, it's much easier for some hacked-together IMAP-over-web client
> to send a single command and parse the response, than to do the job by itself.



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