The issue has been resolved. Here are the details for the record.
Goal was: use journald logging without additional syslog/rsyslog files

Linux-version: Debian 8.7 (jessie)

Two conditions must be met:
1) /dev/log  must be a symlink to /run/systemd/journal/dev-log
   (/run/systemd/journal/dev-log did exist but /dev/log was no symlink)
   -> remove /dev/log and create the link
   -> ln -s /run/systemd/jurnal/dev/log /dev/log

2) If you mask syslog-ng or rsyslog and then remove the packages syminks in 
/etc/systemd/system/ are not removed)
   -> manually remove /etc/systemd/system/syslog-ng -> /dev/null and/or 
/etc/systemd/system/rsyslog -> /dev/null

Now restart socket and service:
1) restart the journald socket
   -> systemctl restart systemd-journald.socket

2) restart the journald service
   -> systemctl restart systemd-journald.service

Finally check with journalctl -f that logging works.


On Fri, 24 Mar 2017 20:17:20 +0000 wrote:

> Subject: Re: [courier-users] journald logging
> Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2017 13:56:55 -0700
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> On 03/22/2017 01:32 AM, Bernd Plagge wrote:
> > It seems that you're running journal without syslog, rsyslog or syslog-ng. 
> > Is this correct?  
> The default configuration for CentOS 7 runs journald as the primary log 
> recipient ("lsof /dev/log" will show systemd and systemd-journal), and 
> rsyslogd using journald as a message source ("sModLoad imjournal" 
> appears in rsyslog.conf).
> The journal's content doesn't depend on rsyslogd running.  I see the 
> same log patterns with rsyslogd running that I do when rsyslogd is stopped.
> > Does this require particular journald.conf settings?  
> It shouldn't.
> > Do you happen to have a link to the configuration description.  
> Not that I can find.

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