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> SZÉPE Viktor writes:
>> 2) Is it possible for Courier to skip DNS lookups for "localhost"?
>> I wonder why Courier is not using gethostbyname().
>> /etc/hosts contains:
>>       localhost.localdomain localhost
> gethostbyname/gethostbyaddr can only look up A addresses. Courier  
> needs MX records, and so needs to use its own resolver; and with its  
> own DNS resolver code already in place, it makes no sense to use  
> different resolvers.
> There are several options in the esmtpd config file that control DNS  
> lookups on incoming connections:
> BOFHCHECKDNS; and TCPDOPTS passes through the options to  
> couriertcpd, such as -nodnslookup.

Thank you for your support!

-nodnslookup is the solution for satellite type server which delivery  
messages through one smarthost.

What should I do on normal (tcp/25,587,465 are open to the internet)  
mail server where DNS lookup is necessary? Is there a way to exclude  
localhost from DNS lookup on the initial (pre-EHLO) connection?

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